As we re-open ROL Academy, the following requirements and guidelines need to be met to ensure the continual safety of our members and staff. We know we are asking a lot of our members and are incredibly grateful for your patience and understanding. 


Adult classes are starting first with a small number of sessions. More sessions will be added as needed

Kids Classes are starting on 08/03/20

Entry Process

  • All locker rooms will be closed so members must arrive in their uniform ready to train.

  • A face mask is required to enter the academy and must be worn unless you are actively training on the mat. 

  • Temperature check and COVID-19 questionnaire will be given as each member enters the academy.

  • Once the questionnaire is completed and returned to a ROL staff member, you can head directly to the mats.

  • Parents must pick-up and drop-off kids at the front desk. 

  • Parents will not be allowed to stay inside the facility during the kid's class.

  • Flip Flops are mandatory and will need to be brought with you and taken home after every class. We ask that these only be worn while inside the academy.

  • Once on the mat, you and your partner will need to stay within a predetermined area on the mat.

  • Once class is over, members will need to gather their belongings and leave as soon as possible. We all love to hang out and chat after classes, but for maximum efficiency for class flow and cleaning, we ask that any socializing be done outside.


Class structure

  • Each Program (Adult, Kids) will be divided into sessions based on skill level (ie Fundamentals, Sport)

  • Each Session will consist of classes at set days and times that will remain consistent for the month. (Fundamentals 1 - PM, Sport 2 - PM)


    • Kids 1 - 5-6​ yrs

    • Kids 2 - 7-8 yrs

    • Kids 3 - 9 yrs

    • Kids 4 - 10+ yrs

  • ADULT REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED each month.  Each student can ONLY register for one set of classes per month. Registration can not be changed between classes and sessions.

  • Set of classes (ie Fundamentals A - PM, Sport A - PM, etc ) will run for a duration of a  calendar month.

  • Each class will have a maximum capacity of 20 members.

  • Solo classes (ie Drilling Classes, Semi-Private Lessons) will be allowed in addition to partner sessions. 

  • Members of each group can only train for the sessions they are registered for, i.e. Adult Fundamentals PM 1. There will be no cross-training between sessions.

  • Members will train with the same partner during a particular class but can change partners within their group on a different day.



Training will be prohibited if:

  • You are currently exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 (Fever, Sore throat, Cough, Shortness of breath, New muscle aches, Unexplained loss of taste or smell Diarrhea or Headache)

  • You participated in any physical contact sport outside of RōL Academy within 14 days

  • You traveled by air within 14 days

  • You came in contact with anyone who tested positive for covid-19 within 14 days

  • You tested positive for covid-19 

  • You arrive without flip flops or clean gi


Class Schedule


Class registration is required for Adult Classes only

Kids will be assigned based on their age

Please contact us directly to book your class


You can ONLY register for one set of classes (ie Adult Fundamentals A - PM)

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