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ROL RECAP - December at ROL Academy

December at ROL Academy was a month filled with excitement and achievement. The grand Graduation Ceremony took center stage, showcasing the dedication and hard work of both young and seasoned practitioners. A standout moment was Tony Vargas achieving the prestigious Black Belt rank, symbolizing the culmination of a significant chapter in his Jiu Jitsu journey.

The debut of ROL Rewards added glamor to the festivities, recognizing outstanding contributions from committed students. ROL Radio featured engaging conversations with three distinguished personalities, enriching our understanding of the diverse Jiu Jitsu community.

The month concluded with a festive Christmas Eve open mat, blending holiday joy with Jiu Jitsu, highlighting the close-knit community at ROL Academy. December was a chapter of triumphs, recognition, and shared experiences, capturing the vibrant essence of the Jiu Jitsu family at RO

L Academy.

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