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The Adult Fundamentals Program offers adults of all skill levels a comprehensive introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, focusing on core techniques, learning fundamental submissions, practical self-defense applications, and live positional training sessions to develop practical skills and enhance physical fitness.




The Adult Intermediate Program is a dynamic course tailored for adults looking to advance their skills beyond the fundamentals. Participants will refine their grappling techniques, deepen their understanding of Jiu Jitsu principles, and engage in challenging training sessions to elevate their proficiency in both competitive and self-defense situations.



​​The Adult NoGi Fundamentals Program offers a specialized training experience focused on grappling techniques without the traditional kimono or Gi. Participants will learn effective submissions, escapes, and takedowns tailored specifically for NoGi situations, enhancing their skills for both sport and self-defense scenarios.


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What Students and Guests Say...

“I was in town and wanted to find a place to train. I dropped in and everyone was very welcoming and had great attitudes. Professor Thomas showed solid techniques that I plan to implement in my game. I highly recommend training here if you live in the area and I recommend dropping in if you are traveling by.”


— Rob J

“I love this facility it is clean an organized, I love the fact that you can choose to get personal training an and can gain knowledge in self defense even if you’re not a member are practicing Jiu Jitsu. Welcoming environment. Great instructor’s.”


— Dondria R

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