Prof Thomas Rozdzynski
3rd Degree Black Belt 
Head Instructor

Professor Thomas began his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey in 2000 under the watchful eye of the late Grandmaster Carlson Gracie Sr. in Chicago.

In 2014, Professor Thomas was promoted to First Degree by Professor Eddie Redzovic and Grandmaster Carley Gracie. Shortly after, he decided to continue promoting the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle by relaying his knowledge and experience to others. That’s when the idea of ROL Academy of Jiu Jitsu was born.


In 2015, his long-time dream finally came true: ROL Academy of Jiu Jitsu opened its doors to the public in Orland Park, Illinois.


In 2018, Professor Thomas was promoted to Second Degree by Professor Adem Redzovic and Grandmaster Carley Gracie.

In 2021, Professor Thomas was awarded third degree by Professor Adem Redzovic.

Prof Phil
1st Degree Black Belt 
Adult and Kids Programs
Prof Edgar
1st Degree Black Belt 
Adult Programs
Coach Gary
Kids Program
Coach Julie
Kids Program
Coach Dom
Kids Program
Coach Max
Kids Program
Coach Kassidy
Kids Program
Program Manager
Managing Partner

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What Students and Guests Say...

"Where to even begin...this academy is so clean and organized. I had my first session last night and I was blown away...they actually teach how to defend yourself and not just sport jiu jitsu...something alot of places have forgotten which is the true roots of jiu jitsu..this place is amazing...plain and simple...”

— Brandon K

"I just had my first experience with jiu jitsu at rol academy, and was hooked instantly. The instructors had a wealth of knowledge and were very welcoming. All the people i met seem to be great people and have a solid common bond. Looking forward to sticking with it and gaining the mental and physical value jiu jitsu has to offer.”

— Kyle R

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