Fundamentals Program

The Fundamentals Curriculum is designed for new students focusing on the core values and techniques of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. These techniques will give you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how to defend yourself in compromised situations.

Sport Program

Our Sport Program takes techniques and concepts learned in the Fundamentals Program and teaches experienced students how to connect the dots between them. All in a more rigorous setting that includes more intensive positional training and sparring. 

Street Jiu Jitsu Program

Street Jiu Jitsu focuses on real-life, self-defense scenarios and how to defend and protect yourself in settings outside of the academy. This class will help you translate your fundamental knowledge of BJJ from the mats to the outside world.

Striking Program

The Striking program covers all the basics necessary to become an effective Striker. This program gives you all the tools needed for a total stand-up game all within an incredible workout.

Judo Program

Judo was born from Jiu Jitsu and both arts complement each other greatly. Our Judo program was developed by a 4th Dan, U.SA Judo certified instructor. It focuses on the core principles developed by Jigoro Kano who created the sport over 100 years ago. This program begins with basic Judo concepts and throws as well as advanced throws and randori(live practice). 

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What Students and Guests Say...

“I was in town and wanted to find a place to train. I dropped in and everyone was very welcoming and had great attitudes. Professor Thomas showed solid techniques that I plan to implement in my game. I highly recommend training here if you live in the area and I recommend dropping in if you are traveling by.”


— Rob J

“I love this facility it is clean an organized, I love the fact that you can choose to get personal training an and can gain knowledge in self defense even if you’re not a member are practicing Jiu Jitsu. Welcoming environment. Great instructor’s.”


— Dondria R