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RŌL RECAP - November at RŌL Academy

November unfolded at RŌL Academy with a slower pace however, let the tranquil rhythm not obscure the immense gratitude that resides within our Jiu Jitsu community. Our heartfelt thanks extend to the lifeblood of our academy—the dedicated and exceptional students who, like skilled artisans, craft the remarkable community that defines RŌL. It is their commitment that breathes life into the atmosphere we all know and love, infusing it with an abundance of skill and passion.

Amidst the season of gratitude, our students converged for a Thanksgiving Day open mat, creating a tapestry of shared experiences and spirited rolls. The mats were packed, echoing the unity and warmth that defines our community. Post-feast, Professor Edgar led a special TacFit training, adding a dynamic layer to our post-Thanksgiving festivities. As we recount the chapters of November, it is evident that even in the quiet moments, the heartbeat of RŌL resonates with growth, connection, and the indomitable spirit of Jiu Jitsu.

Read on to enjoy more of the November happenings here at RŌL Academy, along with upcoming events and special mentions.

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